Executive Committee 2022-2023


Scarlett Walden

Scarlett holds a bachelor’s degree in Occupational Health Sciences from Purdue University, graduating in 2013. She has practiced industrial hygiene consulting for almost 10 years and has worked with several different consulting firms and in a variety of different work environments. Her experience includes indoor air quality and employee exposure air monitoring for an array of different contaminants and work hazards, including Environmental Health and Safety Inspections for manufacturing and production facilities of many types, shapes and sizes.

President-Elect (2023)


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Bob Hendry

Bob Hendry has been working at the Georgia Tech Research Institute for 30+ years. For 10+ years Bob has worked with the OSHA Consultation Program and is an instructor for the Georgia Tech OSHA Training Institute. He has also performed research on a variety of topics related to industrial hygiene: indoor air quality, product emissions, gaseous filtration, analytical method development and sampling methods.


Danielle Edwards

Danielle Edwards have over 10 years of experience in providing health, safety, and environmental consulting services. She graduated from Georgia Tech with a BS in Environmental Engineering and is currently completing a MSPH in Occupational and Environmental Hygiene from Johns Hopkins University. She spent her early career in the environmental and public health field, conducting site assessments and human health risks assessments and performing risk-based calculations rooted in toxicity analysis to protect and improve the health of people and communities. As she has transitioned more into the occupational health field, she has conducted chemical exposure assessments, occupational noise assessments, and qualitative exposure assessments for clients in many different sectors, including manufacturing, mining, and logistics. she has provided continuous support for many clients during the COVID-19 pandemic, including developing return-to work procedures, health and safety audits, and research and development support for new and emerging issues.

Past - President               

Will Ewing, CIH

Will Ewing is currently an industrial hygienist for the Georgia Power Company, and previously got his start in the industrial hygiene field while working at Compass Environmental Inc. Some of his responsibilities include employee education and training, conducting exposure assessments, field sampling and surveys, assistance with audits, as well as providing general support to various compliance teams throughout the company. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a minor in Material Science Engineering and Master’s in Occupational Safety and Health from Georgia Tech as well. Will has been a member of GLS since 2016 when he joined as a student member. When not working, Will enjoys spending time with his dog Charlie.

Past Executive Committees


Will Ewing - President
Scarlett Walden - Pres. Elect
Bob Hendry - Treasurer
Danielle Edwards - Secretary


Drew Peake - President
Hilarie Warren - Pres. Elect
Bob Hendry - Treasurer
Della Ridley - Secretary


Stephanie Scibilia - President
Will Ewing - Pres. Elect
Bob Hendry - Treasurer
Danielle Edwards - Secretary


Charles Calmbacher - President
Drew Peake - Pres. Elect
Bob Hendry - Treasurer
Della Ridley - Secretary  


Hilarie Warren - President
Stephanie Scibilia - Pres. Elect
Bob Hendry - Treasurer
Della Ridley - Secretary


Kristen Butler - President
Charles Calmbacher - Pres. Elect
Brandon Cassidy - Treasurer
Della Ridley - Secretary

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